Thursday, 7 July 2016

South Efford Marsh After School Club

Again thanks to Aune Conservation Association funds the children of Aveton Gifford Primary School were given the chance to explore South Efford Marsh through a variety of nature orientated activities.

Week 1 

The children were reminded of stealth walking. The art of walking slowly and mindfully to become more aware of the environment around them.

Deadly Nightshade
As we walked to the bird hide from the access gate (approximately 1km) we passed a tray from the front of the stealth walkers to the back with each person collecting a wild flower for pressing. We had a look at what they had found and made sure that we didn't pick any poisonous plants. We did find the beautiful Deadly Nightshade lurking in the hedgerows which we stayed well clear of.

As we walked to the bird hide we were able to see many birds which we tried to identify. These included being able to spot Egrets and a Heron and also the migratory Swallows.

Reaching the hide we opened the hatches to reveal the estuary and the marshland and two very different habitats. We looked at all the different flowers that we found and why they are important for different bees and bugs and consequently the birds too.

It wasn't long before we had to head back to school and on the way back saw lots of birds which all the children were able to now identify.

Week 2

Unfortunately, the weather gods weren't playing ball this week so we did a classroom session. Having pressed the flowers they were mounted in to an album which we went through and looked at how many we could remember the names of - lots it appeared!

We then went back to doing more buttercup illustration so that we had a really good understanding of how many plants could be found at South Efford Marsh, why they are important and the details of the flowers which help them reproduce.

The illustrations and flower press collection will go on to the display boards for all to see.

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